Interchange at Dusk

Highways meet.
Byways greet,
shake hands and exchange small sentiments.
A tractor trailer for a station wagon and van
different directions, quietly rearranged.

Meeting highways
disappearing from view.
Woods and small plantations
peer through windows and clearings,
watching us slip quietly through the night.

The past is not honored by living in it.

The only way to honor the past is to invest in the future. One cannot simultaneously live in the past, whilst honoring it. Celebrated periods are produced when the inhabitants of an era, in good or bad times, are still in the moment, still engaged in the task at hand…

Means without a goal is not a means at all, but merely empty movement.

We get so distracted in the medium, almost forgetting that it is only the method. It seems as if the medium has taken priority over the message. We may want to communicate, for example, the idea…

Robert Doisneau

Old men sit alone in cafes
quietly waiting.
And its a slow blink and a gentle turn of the head.
Their wrinkly old hands
reach slowly
wrapping around their cups.
Its almost time
for another placating sip.

Ancient men no longer wait on friends to show.
Friends don’t show when you're old.
They didn’t forget you
they just pass.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, someone else will!

I made an embarrassing mistake, I can choose to react from outside myself or from my singular position. Viewing and reacting in light of my perspective in personal justification I may resist change, miss out on learning, and very possibly have…

Dirk Elijah Edwards

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